We professionally focus on quality and provide best up-to-date business broadband network service in Australia

The finest products and services from multiple carriers are preferred by us to guarantee your superior connectivity and uptime. We manage your installation and to ensure a smooth, flawless broadband experience we work directly with the suppliers.

Choosing your Ethernet.

Midband Ethernet is a copper service. Conventional telephone lines are used. Fibre is delivered through a fibre optic cable. Your connection will get slower if you are moving away from the telephone exchange. Data can be broadcasted over longer distances via Fibre Optic connections but data rates are higher.

Why opt Mid-band Ethernet?

We collaborated with largest copper services providers in Australia and will adapt a service according to your needs and funds. Mid-band provides advanced connectivity not including cost connected with several fiber solutions. Existing infrastructure for copper connections is proof that several businesses will have entrance to a diversity of plans presenting quicker and more constant connectivity.

What Midband Options we offer?
  • Ethernet Over Copper. The full range of Ethernet over Copper products from Australia’s key suppliers.
  • Ethernet In The First Mile (EFM). For high-speed Internet access, acquire EFM connections where obtainable. Reasonable cost and high bandwidth make them exceptionally well apt for data transmit and extra services for instance voice-over-IP, TV-over-IP and video-on-demand.
  • SHDSL – Not same as usual DSL technology, SHDSL is a rapid ‘symmetric’ expertise. It has equivalent upload and download speeds. This is mainly significant for keeping a lowest performance level that is not influenced by contention issues (Access of many external users in the same line).
Why Choose Fibre Ethernet?

Fibre has lots of benefits compared to copper cable and Wi-Fi connectivity. Fibre can broadcast over longer distances with no performance loss. It is resistant to RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMI (electromagnetic interference). Besides, Fibre is scalable (has the capability to raise bandwidth easily) and is perfect to join high traffic offices simultaneously, Private Networks, data centres and disaster recovery sites.

Technical facts for Ethernet Services

Speeds from 2Mbps to 10Gbit

Low latency Internet connectivity

QinQ capable and QoS solutions

Easy speed increases if required

iPN MPLS Private Network ready

Unmetered nationwide connectivity to all other Infinite services

Uncontended connectivity inside your network

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